Morris Minor Parts

Morris Minor Spare Parts by Andrew Eggleton

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

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Morris Minor Electrical Parts

Morris Minor Sidelight/Indicator Base UnitFront Sidelight/Indicator

Front Sidelight/Indicator

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Morris Minor Indicator Flasher Relay UnitIndicator Flasher Relay U

Indicator Flasher Relay U

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Morris Minor Fuse Box - Late TypeLate Type Fuse Box

Late Type Fuse Box

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Later TypeDynamo


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Screw Terminal TypeEarly Fuse Box

Early Fuse Box

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12v HornHorn


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948cc Light SwitchPull Twist Pull Switch

Pull Twist Pull Switch

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Pull Starter TypeEarly Ignition Switch

Early Ignition Switch

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Fits on end of StemIndicator Lens Green

Indicator Lens Green

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Spade Terminal FittingVoltage Regulator Late

Voltage Regulator Late

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Screw Terminal FittingVoltage Regulator Early

Voltage Regulator Early

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relay unit screw terminal8 Way Relay

8 Way Relay

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all models from 1962-1972Indicator Switch

Indicator Switch

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2 Way SwitchLate Light Switch

Late Light Switch

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Late TypeSolonoid Switch

Solonoid Switch

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Lucas BoxedLate Type Coil

Late Type Coil

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ALT101Alternator Kit

Alternator Kit

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