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Saloon rear boot floor

Rear saloon boot floor

Front upper cross member top

Fits between front chassis legs

Front Lower Cross member

This fits between the front chassis legs

Morris Minor Traveller Rear Flange Panel

Rear arch flange panel

Bootlid inner repair panel

Start of the bootlid repair panel , this is the inner piece awaiting painting

Jacking Points

Even more jacking points just finished

Jacking Point

Our quality made Jacking Point fresh for painting

Half Floors with Step

Brand New Batch of Half Floors ( not van/pick up) made by us in correct steel gauge ready for pain...

X Member ends

Cross member end made by us ready for painting

More Full Chassis Legs

Even more full chassis legs being made by us due to huge demands

Inner Step Panel

Inner step panel with seat belt anchorage made by us

Upper Cab Panel

Van & Pick up upper cab panel made by us

New Van & Pick Up Front Floors

Yes we have retooled these panel's with now the extra swage pressing in as original

A Hot day today

Looking forward to a cool beer

Rear Spring Hangers

Ready for painting our quality made by us rear spring hangers

Traveller Rear Arch

Painted & ready made by us R/H & L/H Trav Flange Panels

Lower Side Panel

More L/H & R/H Lower side panels made for 2dr models

Cloaking Panels

R/H & L/H Cloaking panels just made ready for painting

Traveller B Post

More Traveller B Posts just made by us

Tie Plate Extensions

L/H & R/H Tie Plate Extension panel made by us

Morris minor seat brackets

Well a busy day , more short & long short brackets made by us

Morris Minor B Post

British made quality steel b post repairs made by us

Morris Minor Tie Plate

More L/H & R/H Tie plates made buy us

Jacking Points

Quality made jacking points made by us ready for painting

Battery Box

Brand steel new battery box's made by us

Traveller Rear Bootwell Panel

Made by us in the UK to a great quality and much improved panel than others out there

Pick Up / Van Lower Cab Panel

Lower cab panel made by us in the UK made to correct profile & steel gauge

Floor Edge Panel

R/H & L/H Rear inner 1/4 panel manufactured by us here in the UK , These are made to the correct...

Full Chassis Legs

Another great batch of Full Chassis legs Hung up for drying

Front Chassis Leg

Fresh new chassis legs being made in different stages for all saloon models