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New Classic MG Parts

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New Classic MG Parts

We now stock brand new classic MG parts

MG started in the 1920s since then it has been best known for its 2 door sports cars but over the years it has also produced saloons and coupes. Since its inception it has been bought and sold to many companies including: British Leyland, Rover Group and Morris Motors groups. 

Over the years the MG logo has been pinned to many a sportier version of existing cars from the Austin Rover Metro and Montego ranges and it is was not until 1992 that the MG marque was revived in its own right with the release of the MG RV8. 

The first MG's were re-bodied Morris models which used coachwork of Carbodies of Coventry and so there is fairly wide debate about when the company actually started however, it is widely recognised it was between 1923 and 1925 and many people celebrated the companies 90th year in 2014. 

We have many brand new parts in stock for a wide variety of models of classic MG's. All our products are brand new; they are not reconditioned or second hand. We work with companies all over the UK to unsure that we have the best quality products available to our customers. 

We can also ship all of our products worldwide, so now every classic car owner around the world can benefit from the care we take in choosing the right companies to work with to deliver fantastic products. 

For more information about our MG products do feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to help you.

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