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Morris Minor Parts

Morris Minor Spare Parts by Andrew Eggleton

Phone Number: (+44) 01225 868 799

Triumph TR6 Centre Rear Panels 

A Post Inner LH

Key R1Model AllPart No. 850343

A Post Inner RH

Key R2Model AllPart No. 850344

A Post Outer LH----USE xkc510

Key R3Model CP/CCPart No. 813100

A Post Outer RH

Key R4Model AllPart No. 813101

Sill Inner Panel LH

Key R6Model AllPart No. 850122

Sill Inner Assy LH----use 850122

Key R6Model AllPart No. 907912

Sill Inner Assy RH

Key R7Model AllPart No. 564807

Sill Inner Panel RH---use 564807

Key R7Model AllPart No. 850123

Sill End Filler Front LH

Key R10Model AllPart No. 750086

Sill End Filler Front RH

Key R10Model AllPart No. 750087

Sill End Filler Rear RH

Key R11Model AllPart No. 750048

Gusset Sill to B Post LH

Key R15Model AllPart No. 621715

Gusset Sill to B Post RH

Key R15Model AllPart No. 621716

Rear Quarter Panel LH

Key R16Model AllPart No. 815959

Rear Quarter Panel RH

Key R17Model AllPart No. 817564

Rear Wheelarch LH

Key R18Model TR6Part No. 815957

Main Floor Assy LH

Key R20Model AllPart No. 904005

Main Floor Assy RH

Key R21Model AllPart No. 904006

Sill Mtg Brkt Rear LH

Key R23Model AllPart No. 616004

Sill Mtg Brkt Rear RH

Key R23Model AllPart No. 616005


Key R25Model AllPart No. 850397

Rear Body Mtg Brkt

Key R27Model AllPart No. 750022

Rear Side Floor LH

Key R28Model AllPart No. 910067

Rear Side Floor RH

Key R29Model AllPart No. 910068

Reinforcement Apron

Key R31Model AllPart No. 908373

Reinforcement Seat Belt LH

Key R34Model AllPart No. 621328

Reinforcement Seat Belt RH

Key R34Model AllPart No. 621329